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About Raven Skye

“Raven Skye is a very inspirational soul – very encouraging and creative!  Through her intuitive, gentle guidance I learned and reflected about myself and I am encouraged to open my creative outlet more freely now!”

- TMF, Ontario, Canada

“I felt like a special guest in a very special place in Raven's workshop. Peace – acceptance – sharing. 
A great mix of information and art.
No stress – in fact if you came with some, it just floated away!”

- KS, Ontario, Canada


I am a professional, full-time artist specializing in
western wildlife, nature & landscape paintings.


I have traveled far and wide, taught and spoken at many art retreats, 
workshops, & various conferences throughout the US and Canada
to groups ranging in size from 7 to 7000.
I have served on the advisory board
for an International multi-million dollar creative company &
as an instructor for Grumbacher, a leading fine art supply company.
I am honored to be a Master Member of Western Gallery Working Artists &
a Founding Member of Cowgirl Artists of America.




If you have questions about any of my work and/or are interested
in purchasing, feel free to reach out to me via email or phone.

~peace & balance~


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